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Dowsing for Health, Happiness and Harmony

3 H Dowsing International ® Transformational Center is dedicated to the Spiritual Enlightenment of all Humanity. We offer educational and instructional books, charts, pendulums, classes, and consultation on the Inner Art of Dowsing. The techniques described in each text or workbook are designed to help beginners and experienced dowsers, as well as hypnotherapists, kineseologists, massage therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and any other person or professional that chooses to work with or for people and society, along the Journey to Health, Happiness, and Harmony in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Our Purpose is to help you, your clients or friends to tap into their Inner Knowing and to find the Divine Truth or Inner Truth and resolve or address areas in your, or their, life that need clarification or guidance.

The primary focus throughout this approach is to live in and by the Principles of Divine Truth:

1. Unconditional Love.         2. Honest Feelings and Knowing Them.

   3. Non-interference.

4. Realization of Cause     and Effect.  

5. Natural order based     upon the Original     Source.

        6. Patience.

7. Responsibility.

   8. Progression =       Advance.

   9. Oneness.

10. Forgiveness (Giving      up resentment).

11. Serving (Being a servant for God/Universe/the Planet Earth/Humankind).

12. Detachment (Detaching from the Outcome of our actions or choices).

13. Surrendering to the Creator of All.

Feel free to browse through our selection of books and support materials. Let us know how we can be of assistance or guidance in your search:
Arizona: 520-868-5711
Address: 3717 N Wisconsin Ave.
, Florence, AZ 85132

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