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 Anneliese Gabriel Hagemann born in Lassan, Germany on September 11.1936, went through the second World War. Six months after the War, my mother, two brothers and self fled the Russian occupied section of Germany with a 5 gallon can of syrup, a bicycle and a featherbed to be with my Dad who was captured by the English and lived in Braunschweig. 

"My mother, throughout this time period and after, showed me and gave me the strength to continue through any problem the World present to me". 

We lived for a year in a one-room apartment with hardly any facilities. Because of the bombing of much of Germany, places were not easy to find. We finally found a two-room apartment after long searching. 

Went to Grade school for eight years. From there went to a Technical School for three years to learn a trade in sales. My goal at that time was to be a Nurse or a Beautician. There were no openings in these fields because of the aftereffect of the war.

We emigrated to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA in December 1955 

 In 1958 I married my former boyfriend  "Rudolf Eduard Hagemann from Germany I met him August 2nd in 1952, as a 15 year old girl , In December 1957 he came over to the USA.  We are now married more then 53 Years plus, what a Joy.

We had two girls, Doris and Susan. Was a housewife for 25 years. During part of the time, I was not feeling physically or emotionally well, took many different craft classes at the technical school to keep myself busy. In 1979 my mother passed away. She had been ill for many years with high blood pressure and heart problems. 

In 1980, we got involved in the Amway (TM) business. Here is where I truly learned to change my attitude about myself and others. I learned to like myself, (for I lived in the future and not in the present moment)  -- finally gaining self-respect. I realized that I needed to be with people. There was a wonderful change in me. I started to take chances.

In 1983, my husband and I bought a small Laundromat in a small town. Here I met a lot of beautiful people. One day in July 1984 I met a young man who talked about health. He told me I needed to meet his mother-in-law, she does something "weird." I told him I was interested. Maxine Jannette became my teacher in the Art of Dowsing. During the 12 plus years of running a business, I performed a variety of undertakings including dry cleaning, washing laundry, doing crafts, car washes, counseling, etc.

My father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1991. Through the last five months of his life, I was the primary caregiver in his home. During this time "I was opened to God." I kept a journal in which I recorded my feelings, insights, and pain which helped me through my father's death process. After my father's death I took many different classes and workshops on self-healing, hospice care and peer counseling, Touch for Health, Biokinesiology,        Hypnosis Therapy  just to name a few. Because of all these varied classes, I found that Dowsing is the simplest method to tune in to Self. Because I felt so strongly that I needed to share my Insights. 

Our daughter Doris and I created self help, self empowering, self enlightening  workbooks and the workshops present in conjunction with it, is to teach others to help themselves and any who might need help.

When you pick up one of our books, the first one 'TO OUR HEALTH" hold over a decade of information that has been gathered, sorted and resorted by us in 5 different Languages. Our hope is that through these workbook and other books we created to gain insight as to how to help oneself and others by accessing our subconscious mind and finding ???  The SOURCE of our own issues.

Anneliese has been teaching the "To Our Health" workbook, the Inner Art of Dowsing  concept since 1996 and all the other books after that. She presented at the First World Symposium on Self-Healing and Consciousness Power (New Jersey 2001), American Society of Dowsers (in Vermont, Phoenix, Sedona, Las Vegas); Bookstores, Health Shows, Hypnosis Conferences in Chicago, Hanna's Retreat Center ( Peaceful Meadow Retreat, CO) , and in many private homes and Centers in the USA. It truly does not matter at all. 

Anneliese used all the Work- Books in many states of the United States, also Foreign Countries,, Europe, Russia, Peru, India, Japan, and where ever she is, at that moment. 

God Bless You on your Own Journey .Finding your Own Way to Health, Happiness, and Harmony in Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

Doris Katherine Hagemann PhD

A Teacher of History, Social Science, is a long time student of Spirit/Source and comes to share a variety of modalities of and for Self Health, Healing, and Empowerment. Reawaken the open-hearted creativity of your true self through art, music and rhythm.

 Doris facilitates Drawing, Color, Introduction to Native American Flute,  

Doris is co-author with Anneliese Gabriel Hagemann of a variety of dowsing and
Self-Health books and facilitates these 3H Dowsing concepts.

Blessing of Love and Light to You and Your Own Spiritual and Blood Family,,
 Doris and Anneliese Hagemann

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