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Dowsing World Summit | Discover your natural ability to heal at this year's virtual university event
No Prerequisites! It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. Every student at this 4-day virtual university gets basic dowsing training and an ebook on health dowsing when they register.




Read what students and professionals have written about Anneliese Gabriel Hagemann and their own remarkable journey to

 Health - Happiness - Harmony in  Body - Mind - Spirit.


Dear Anneliese
Thank you so much for speaking with me and giving me assurance I needed so badly. It is always calming and much appreciated to talk with you and that you relieve my worry so that I can make the right decisions.
I am so grateful to have your insight and friendship!
Thank you ones again, most sincerely with Love.
M. R. March 28.2013 

This review is from: To OUR Health, The Inner Art of Dowsing in search for Health, Happiness, Harmony, in Mind, Body, Spirit (Paperback)
If one is looking for a dowsing-based book to really get down to business and clear those issues in life that seem to hold us back, "To Our Health, The Inner Art of Dowsing in Search for Health, Happiness, Harmony in Mind, Body, Spirit" will do exactly what the title says! I have had the opportunity to attend Anneliese's classes personally, and my life has never been the same! This wonderful book teaches the basics of dowsing form and procedure, and then the Journey begins in identifying the layers of issues in our lives. "To Our Health" equips us to clear those issues that may be holding us back from who we are really meant to be. It goes beyond a basic "self-help" book into a domain where you stand in your power again, totally pro-active, and begin to shape your own reality. It is a book of Self-Responsibility, full of love and wisdom that will benefit anyone seeking those vibrations of Happiness, Health and Harmony in their lives. A true book of self-empowerment written by Women of Sagely Wisdom and profound Love .

By Patrick L. Skelton Two Rivers, WI USA


LinkedIn Recommendations

Sheri Cooke has endorsed your work.

Dear Anneliese,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Boy oh boy, if you are looking for a rare woman who is beyond the crowd to help you pinpoint your specific stumbling blocks, and BUST through them to the real TREASURE you are I highly recommend Anneliese! Anneliese helped me during a particularly devastating time of my life to pick up the pieces and find my true gifts, that can never be lost, but only nurtured and valued and given away completely!

And, you'll have a friend for life. This woman's simplicity, authenticity, wisdom and skill is exceptional. Her life work has been devoted to changing people's lives for good around the world; she is a beloved teacher, mentor, speaker, author and friend.

Her work with me continues to grow and unfold and I am deeply grateful."
Service Category: Transformational Life Guide
Year first hired: 2003 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

In consideration of guidance, I have long realized this auspicious gift is not so much about the path of destiny that one should take, but about fulfilling the innermost yearning that lies deep within every one of us. Unfortunately the great majority of us have lost touch with the inner voice that quietly directs us to expression of our unique self. Many claim to have the ability to direct and guide and as such lay copious should's at our feet which may end up adding to the confusion which prompted seeking help in the first place.

  Anneliese Hageman is refreshingly different in that she neither hands out should s, nor ever claims to be the director to our fulfillment. Anneliese connects on a soul to soul level to expose the heart to the seeker, so that he or she may (re) discover their own yearning and take steps to living that fulfillment, or see a problem for what it is, so that it may be solved. Anneliese has helped me answer some lifelong questions, and make some decisions that had long been a source of confusion. Almost three years on and I am in process of fulfilling a lifelong dream and have also found answers to many visceral questions I had long since thought unanswerable; in short issues in my past are have been healed as I progress toward my goal.

  Anneliese has also been able to see straight through the areas which I have long held onto, and shed light on core issues and non serving patterns. In short, I have felt freer and healthier. Anneliese hands one the gift of clarity, and that in itself is precious.

  I thank Anneliese with all of my heart and can honestly say I would not be where I am today without her input.  And for that I am forever grateful.

  With warmest regards,

Helen P Bressler (Rev, Dip CH)


Getting My Affairs in Order

It all started when I attended a workshop given by Anneliese Hagemann at Peaceful Meadow Retreat in Boulder , CO focusing on Finding Your Life Path. I attended for a couple of reasons: my desire to spend time with Anneliese again, who has been a spiritual teacher and dear friend of mine for many years...and my hope to find some direction for my life. I was in the process of selling my business, which has been the culmination of a lifelong dream to be of service to our beloved animal companions. I have done so many different things in my life and felt truly blessed to have been given and taken, the many opportunities that presented themselves to me over the years. Due to health and financial concern, I felt I needed to move on...but to what, I didn't have a clue.

The first half of the workshop provided an opportunity to complete some clearing of past baggage that was still affecting me. Although painful at times, I knew it was necessary and felt a great sense of relief to let go. When we got to the part of the workshop for future dreams, ambitions, interests, plans, etc., I was blocked and couldn't see anything I wanted to do, as it seemed that all my goals and dreams for this lifetime has been met. Then a message came through Anneliese's dowsing that it was time to get my affairs in order, as I had already completed 10 "soul journeys" in this lifetime and my mission was completed. AT first I was stunned, as this was not the kind of message I had anticipated. However. It felt "right" to me, considering the point I had reached in my life. I kept asking if this assignment could just wait until I got the business sold, as I was so tired right then. The message came through loud and clear, time after time, in response to my questions, "get your affairs in order" and do it NOW. So I packed up my things and headed for home.

I stopped by my sister's on the way and told both her and my nephew the news I had received. They were deeply affected --- my sister saddened and confused, my nephew jumped into immediate denial. And so it went with the handful of people I shared this information with. Some denied, some promised to walk the final path with me, and some tried to talk me out of believing what happened. However, with a heavy heart, I went about " getting my affairs in order'. Although I was very tired physically and emotionally with the wind down of the business, I made appointments, got papers together, met with an attorney, and basically dealt with the many issues pertaining to my financial, emotionally, physical and material affairs. I took a trip to visit my other sister to make amends and say goodbye.  Together we visited our parents' gravesite and prayed there together, expressing gratitude for our heritage.  I found someone to takeover care of my dog, but as yet couldn't find homes for my beloved older cats.  I sorted through material possessions and made specific directives about who should get what "stuff".  I sorted through my emotions and decided how I would want to be treated at the end of my life if it were to go that way.

Throughout this painful and busy time, I began to see things differently.  When one thinks they may be soon passing over, the world looks much different.  The petty squabbles, the road rage, the gossip, and the self denials didn't make sense to me anymore.  The bigger picture included the importance of leaving my affairs in a way that would be least painful for my family to resolve them.and saying exactly what I meant in all my communications with others.

Shortly after attending the workshop, I realized that my hope was gone.  Wow, I stayed with that for awhile and prayed about it.  I wondered, "How does a person live without hope"?  Then something I came across suggested that hope was focused on the future and all we really needed to deal with was the present.  So I learned how to live without hope.  I surrendered my life and my will to God's care and guidance.  Again and again, I surrendered and continue to do so to this day.  It became clear that the God of my past may not be up to this big job.  So, I had to deal with either there is a God who is capable of taking total care of me now and in the future. or there isn't.  And further, either there was a divine plan for my life. or there wasn't.  And then, if there is such a God and such a divine plan for me, how do I access it for my life right now?  Surrendering to God, over and over again, has become a process of living for me.  I've tried all my life to figure out what to do and then ask God to help me make it happen.  Now, I'm asking Him to figure it out for me and give me the strength to follow His lead.

What the future holds for me at this point in my existence, I truly do not know.  However, I am now free to follow God's perfect plan for me, knowing He will take into consideration my needs and desires and those of all others and do what is best with perfect timing.  Life will never be the same for me.  Having faced my own mortality. and living on, I am open to what life has to offer on its own terms now.  It has not been an easy journey, but then, what exactly did we sign on for this life?  I believe it is to continue to learn and grow closer to God and help our fellow beings along the way.

Marcia Anderson, CO.

Now passed over to another dimension of Inner Peace, - - - - _ _. 


Good day. After speaking with you last night, my spirit actually feels quite at home "within my body" for the first time ever that I can recall. The surrendered heavy energies of the past seem so far in the past, now they have been transmuted. My whole being has worked for and anticipated this part of my journey and I thank Steve for connecting me to your wonderful, guiding spirit.

This integration time is almost like looking through a kaleidoscopes. Beautiful colors seen differently, just with the blink of an eye. This day is most exciting for me . . . I feel and know I am whole, loved and channel The Truth, always.

Stay In The Light.

Bless love,
Judy Maxine


You are a wonderful teacher. Your sincerity and spirituality are an inspiration.

Brain L. Cabin, M.D.
Tucson, AZ


I have been deeply thanking you in my heart and my life. Since being in your loving, strong, and full of integrity presence in my home. I have been called forth to deeper and richer levels of being. The changes in me physically, emotionally, and spiritually have been astonishing and just what I always wanted. Thank you!

Sherry Zopel


. . . On May 1, 1998 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had witnessed my beloved mother’s decline and death from cancer the previous summer, following a tormenting 6 months of exhausting trips to assist her and my father through this transition. Even more devastating was, during this same time period, my 20 year marriage was ending. My physical health deteriorated as I strained to maintain a normal work routine and presence for my son, through extreme emotional suffering. Six months after her death, my joints were so swollen and painful that simple tasks of living were a struggle, such as getting out of bed or the shower, dressing, brushing my hair . . .

The May 1st diagnosis resulted in a treatment of cortisone, sulfasalazine and Plaquenil. The cortisone provided immediate relief of the intense pain, and I was quickly "weaned" from its use. The medicines are used to control symptoms, not to cure the illness. However, as I read more about auto-immune diseases, it became clear to me that my mind and emotions had everything to do with the illness and its course. The drugs allowed me to return to a more normal work schedule with a reduction of pain and swelling. But I wanted to stop my body from turning against itself, and began seeking alternative methods of healing.

A friend invited me to join her workshop entitled To Our Health: Using the Inner Art of Dowsing in the Search for Health Happiness Harmony in Body Mind Spirit. Anneliese Hagemann stepped into my life, and changed it forever, through her instruction in the art of dowsing, divining to detect and let go of the energies, many of them emotional, that I was holding and that were associated with my deteriorating health. From the moment of this first amazing experience, I felt an opening of my heart and intuition. I have used this technique to clear my energetic system daily for three years now.

In October 2000, I asked the rheumatologist to tell me if the Rheumatoid Factor level in my blood was still elevated. He asked me why I would want to know that, and I responded, "I think I am cured. I have no symptoms anymore, no swelling, no pain, I have begun to decrease the medicines gradually." He responded that my blood test in June 2000 revealed NO elevated levels of Rheumatoid Factor, but could not give an explanation other than perhaps there had been an error in the initial blood test of May 1998 that revealed very high levels. I laughed and said, "How about we say I'm cured?" He said, "Well, you ARE in remission." He suggested I continue with a regimen of decreasing the medication gradually and predicted that within 2 years I would be off the drugs.

I had been using the pendulum to guide the amount of medication my body required, which is why I have begun reducing the medication. One day a few weeks later, I realized that the pills, that at one time were my lifeline, were sitting in the drawer gathering dust - I had simply forgotten to take them with no ill effects. I have now been symptom free for 24 months and drug free for the past 6 months. On occasion, I will experience some pain or swelling, but have learned to "read" these signs and immediately dowse the issue and let it go. I have come to view my body not as a machine that is prone to ill-health when it can't cope, but rather as an ally which is ready to inform and encourage. As I listen to the messages it is giving me, verifiable with the pendulum, the balance of my body, mind and spirit is achieved.

It is with all thanks to Anneliese and her daughter, Doris, for their dedication to improving health, happiness, and harmony that I share my story. I hope it will be helpful to you. Bless love.

Kate Gabriella Kemp, MSW, LISW


I took this class more out of curiosity than anything else. I thought I was pretty clear about my goals and purpose, and knew which way I wanted to go in life. During the class, however, I discovered that the path I had chosen and was planning for my future, was not the highest and best choice available to me. I also discovered a number of emotional issues that were blocking progress along my life path. With Anneliese's  system, I identified very clearly the changes I would need to make in my relationships, career, living situation and spiritual path to be in perfect harmony with my soul mission. Within just a few months of finishing the course I had implemented numerous changes based on the discoveries I made in the class -- all of which have proven to be extremely beneficial. If you are not 100% satisfied with where you are at right now in life, or have some doubts about where you are going, I would highly recommend you take this course.

Michele Fitzgerald


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